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No glasses. No contacts.
The safe and easy way.


The goal of our speech and language therapy is for our patients to become functional communicators across environments and persons.  Our clinic is based on the best available evidence and research in the field of speech and language disorders.  We integrate aspects of a variety of treatment models tailored to each patient’s individual needs.  The primary goal for all of our patients is to establish an independent, functional communication system so that each and every patient can interact socially with his/her world.



Occupational Therapy helps our special needs patients build the “skills for the job of living”.  At our clinic, we focus on helping patients achieve independence in all “jobs” of life, from play to prevocational to vocational. Our therapists strive to help our patients function more appropriately in their environment by increasing their tolerance to a variety of sensory stimuli and increasing body awareness, while building on attention, self-care, fine motor, visual motor, handwriting and gross motor skills.


Consultative services are offered to individuals who would like to modify their foreign accent in English in order to enhance their communication skills for school or employment purposes. Services may be provided 1-on-1 or in groups of up to 5 participants. The basic program comprises 13 weeks of instruction. Potential candidates may include but not limited to healthcare providers, teachers, managers, business owners, corporate leaders, and clergies.

Rosemarie November
M.A., CCC, SLP (Owner)


Our clinic was established in 1999 in Jupiter, Florida, to help children meet the challenges of childhood. Our founder, Rosemarie November, Speech-Language Pathologist, set out to help the special needs population function successfully in everyday life.  Rosemarie started her career as the teacher and speech-language pathologist of a behaviorally-based preschool classroom.  After 10 years in the schools, Ms. November established a clinic where our special needs population could receive intensive therapy based on the newest and best researched treatments for communication impairments.  Today, our main office is in Port St. Lucie, Fl.  As always, we strive to provide the best services for our patients and families!

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